Monday, June 19, 2006

Where Not To Look For The Buried Volvo

If you have been looking for the buried Volvo XC90 which Volvo is giving away as part of their support for the new Disney movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”, Volvo has given out a list of places where you should not look.

Read on and discover such places which might never even had crossed your mind. By the way, these have been the excerpts from the main press release from Volvo:

•Underneath the uprights at Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands. “We love American football, but learned at the last minute somebody else may already be buried there.”

•Neverland, Middle Earth, Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and Elizabethtown, KY. “All great ideas, but wrong movie tie-in,” Gore said.

•Inside a huge Cracker Jack box. “We even had the design team try construct a massive, Volvo XC90-worthy box, but we ran out of time because everyone kept eating all the Cracker Jacks, especially those little caramel-coated peanuts at the bottom.”

•The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland. “It is just a few miles up the 405 from Volvo’s North American headquarters, but this one fell under the category of ‘way too obvious’.”

•Irv Gordon’s garage. “He’s a guy in Long Island who’s driven 2.5 million miles in his 1966 Volvo P1800, a world record. This actually was strongly considered but we figured the guy would be too tempted to drive our XC90 around, especially with the AC in the hot summer months.”

•Any sports bar in the United States showing World Cup games on their big screen TVs. “We were seeking a place where not a lot of people will be, but we felt this was too extreme.”

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