Friday, October 27, 2006

Ford Fusion, Goes To The Top As The Favorite Customization Vehicle

Ford Fusion – A Is For Automobile – Cars, vehicles, and autos. You want to customize a vehicle? Sure. Go ahead. But it also important to note that not all vehicles can be customized that easily. And it looks like the Ford Fusion has become the target of customizations from many areas all throughout the world.

The reason behind this is very simple. Sure. The Ford Fusion has got good looks and it really does perform well. And according to a spokesperson for the Ford Motor Company, a person or a car owner would be customizing a good looking vehicle to make it even better. And it is also not very quite a trend for a car owner to purchase a bad looking car to make it look good.

Well, sounds good enough for me though.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Auction Gets Movies’ Scariest Cars

Christine, the famous 1958 Plymouth Fury – A Is For Automobile – Cars, vehicles, and autos.Three of the most scary cars are going to be back. And this time, on auction. Thanks to Volo Auto Museum who had to go through auto graveyards to find these three vehicles. They would b available on eBay starting on the 1st of October up until the 10th.

Who what would these three terrfying vehicles be?
* 1958 Plymouth Fury – right from the movie Christine
* 1970 Dodge van A-100 – right from the Texas Chain Massacre flick
* Cadillac Eldorado – straight out of the Devil’s Rejects

Christine is sold online as eBay item no. 170033211331. The Dodge van is item number 170033214132.