Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Is Deadly For Teen Drivers

According to a recent study conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA) Foundation for Traffic Safety, July and August are the deadlist months of the year for teenage drivers. When referring to teenage drivers, the study actually means those drivers who are aged sixteen and seventeen.

However, there is good news in spite of such a morbid result. The group also claims that if these young drivers have properly enforced driving restrictions, the rate could go down by twenty per cent which is such a great deal. Still with the results of the study, teenagers who have been in crashes and accidents are those that ignore driving and traffic rules.

Brad Roeber, the AAA Chicago Regional President, says, “Summer vacation for teens often means unstructured schedules, less guidance from mom and dad, and more exposure to crashes. Enforcing safe driving rules that include passenger and nighttime limits is essential in keeping your teen and others safe on the road.”

Results were taken from a collection of data which the group took themselves. They took information on teenagers who have been free from crashes and those who have already been involved in such bad luck. Now, they have come up with factors that could differentiate the two groups. The list includes:
1. Compliance with state graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws
2. Adherence to traffic laws and regulations
3. Parental involvement

Roeber continues, “Teens whose parents take an active role, obey traffic rules and regulations, and follow GDL requirements are much less likely to crash. Just think how many lives we could save with the combination of the right laws and parental involvement.”

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