Friday, May 26, 2006

Take the Acura TL for a Ride

I’ve got a riddle. A new body. New aerodynamic features. It has got a 0.29 drag coefficient. What is it?

Yup. It is the Acura TL version for 2004. And yes, this is for the younger generations. You know why? Because it performs and it just shows a beautiful and wonderful type of appearance. Something that a person from the younger years would like to show off to his peers. And yes, to get the younger buyers’ attention, the Acura TL has got high technology gadgets and gizmos! And yes, these high tech thingies are very functional.
* Bluetooth access
* Hands free use of cellular phones and mobile phones
* A voice activated system
* A touch screen navigation system
* 3D solar sensing system
* a GPS navigation unit
* a functioning climate control system

And what more would a teenager want than a car that not only performs and is high tech? Well, this car offers something more! The Acura TL has got entertainment as part of the whole package.
* ELS DVD audio system
* DVD audio
* 5.1 digital stereo with six channels
* stereo surround
* eight speakers
* a stereo with XM satellite radio access

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