Friday, May 26, 2006

Speeding Up With the Mazda3

Two years ago, Mazda has been busy with its launch of the Mazda Mazda3. And yes, every effort they did was worth it. The result was a total vehicle that would make heads turn. No doubt about it. And if you’re asking if this would be just a new line of models, perhaps it could be. However, the company had to halt the Mazda Protégé series to make room for the Mazda3.

Upon its introduction, what does the Mazda3 boast of? Well, here are some:
* It looks high class and sophisticated.
* If you think Europe means sophistication and grace, then that is also what the Mazda3 has.
* It has been made available in a couple of options with regards to its body style. You can have it as a four door vehicle. Or you can also choose to purchase it as a hatchback with five doors.
* You want space? This vehicle has it. Graciously.
* It also has fat fender flares, an Alfa 147-esque rear, and a Mazda front end. What is the Mazda front end? Look at what a Mazda looks like from the front.
* Yes, it is dynamic, and delivers superbly.
* Elegant. Comfortable. Safe.
* Options include LED tail lights, a electroluminiscent backlit blue and red display, stereo, aero enhancements, a new grille, 17 inch wheels, and package upgrades like the Sports Appearance package.
* Available power sources? There’s the 2.0 liter engine that can produce some 148 units of horsepower. Also is the 2.3 liter engine with four cylinders that can produce 150 units of horsepower. The latter is used in the Mazda6!
* To assist performance is a five speed manual transmission system or a four speed automatic transmission system. The Mazda3 also gets help from a 11.8 inch front brake and a 11 inch rear disc brake.

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