Monday, May 15, 2006

Basic Things To Check

Lights – keep your indicators and headlamps clean. Make sure that they are working properly.

Fuel – be sure that you would not be caught on an empty tank. You would not know where you might get stuck.

Water – always check if the water reservoir is at the maximum mark. Also check if it has been mixed properly with the right amount of ant-freeze. You do not know the mixture? It usually is one third (1/3) anti-freeze and two-thirds (2/3) water. To be sure, you can check your car owner’s manual.

Oil – check the oil levels. Look for any leakages. If there are, you do need to find out why and fix ‘em up.

Windshield and wipers – wipers should be cleaned. Tip: replace the blades every year.

Rubber – make sure your tires are in good condition and do not look like it has gone through much wear and damage. Remove any stones or treads in the flint. Also check your tire pressure. Including the spare tire.

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