Monday, May 15, 2006

Car Wash: You Can Do It Yourself!

Dirt could accumulate. The longer dirt stays on your vehicle, the greater the chances of these dirt to actually become permanent stains. That is something you surely would not like to have. After all, it only makes your car look dull and old. The solution: wash your car regularly.

Here are some reminders when you do have to wash your own car:
* Wash your car only in shaded places. Direct sunlight only makes the water evaporate faster, thus leaving marks on your vehicle.
* Hose your car down. This removes dust and those elements (like bird droppings) easily. Also, while you are at it, spray inside the wheels to remove road salt and debris. Try using warm water to moisten and soften tough spots.
* Best cloth to use? Sheepskin mitt. Or soft cotton cloth. Sponges are a no-no for they only scratch the paint.
* Use a good car wash shampoo or soap and not any ordinary house cleaner.
* Be organized and start cleaning your car and work your way to the bottom.

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