Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You Need Good Tires In Winter

Why do you need good tires during winter driving? Well, tire manufacturers made winter tires to have a different tread design so much so that they get a good grip of the road. Plus, these winter tires also have been created with some rubber compounds so much so that you would not be skidding through the road during driving in the cold.

Normand Latremouille is the expert of winter tires from Michelin and he shares, “Changing, mounting and balancing tires every six months ends up costing a lot more over three to five years than having a separate winter driving set.”

“With four-wheel drive, it comes down to adhesion,” expresses Steve Erlichman of Mercedes Benz. “With four-wheel drive, it comes down to adhesion. The more power you have to all four wheels and double the grip, the safer and better handling you have in both wet and dry conditions.” Erlichman even shares his philosophy on this, “A smoothness to your driving in bad weather also helps. Go as smooth on the throttle and brakes as posisble. Also, don’t make any quick movements that will cause you to break traction. You can’t defy the laws of physics and when you lose too much grip, sometimes there is nothing that will help.”

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