Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Alabama To Use Alternative Fuel

Many states are trying out vehicles that use alternative fuel. And the state of Alabama is joining in the band wagon. What it’s head, Governor Bob Riley, mentioned is that the state would then be transferring from ordinary vehicles to units that use ethanol for their fleet. This, of course, is a way to let the public know that using alternative fuel vehicles can be actually done.

Aside from this, the governor also mentioned that they would also be working on making the availability of alternative fuels much easier for consumers. And at the state’s Motor Pool, the state would be investing $324,000 so as to be able to put in a fuel tank of E-85 which has the capacity to hold 12,000 gallons of such a kind of alternative fuel.

Be excited for such would be available come this May.


auto-fix said...

What kind of alternative fuel is that?

montreal used car said...

Alternative Fuel if possible then it will be good for us. We are waiting to know about alternative fuel.

plumbing said...

Using alternative fuels for cars is a wise way of conserving energy. It could help save gasoline and gas.