Sunday, August 13, 2006

Keep Safe While Driving

Here are some tips to help you be safe as you drive through roads and streets.

First off, if you have a companion or a passenger with you while you are in your vehicle, try to talk to him or her but avoid at all extends to use gestures. Even a split second of keeping your mind off your task – driving – could lead to disaster. You also do not need to look at the person you are speaking with. Or else, you might find yourself in an accident.

If you need to use your celphone, pull over. It’s best that way. At least, you’re safe.

Go to the right lane if you are not passing. Remember that the left lane has been put there for passing purposes.

Just a simple buckling of your seatbelt increases your chances of safety. Do not forget to buckle up each time you’re in the car. Make sure you teach your children that, too.

Make sure your mirrors are adjusted just fine to give you maximum visibility. That’s why they were designed for vehicles.

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