Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hello Kitty Meets Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi i Princess Kitty Hello Kitty car @ A Is For Automobile – Cars, vehicles, and autos.Want the total Japanese car?

Then you should try out the Mitsubishi i “Princess Kitty” Hello Kitty limited edition car. You know why it is limited? It is because there is only one of these made.

This car has been painted pink. Pink also goes to its wheels. The front doots and the roof of this Mitsubishi vehicle hold the trademark ribbon logo of Hello Kitty. The rear doors have a “Princess Kitty” drawing and Hello Kitty’s face. As for the back window, it has a large Hello Kitty face decal.

But it does not end there. Take a peek at this car’s interior and you would see that the seatcovers are striped pink and white. And there is still the “Princess Kitty” logo stamped all over. The headrests do not get some rest from the whole Hello Kitty mode. It has got Hello Kitty’s head with ribbon on the left ear.

Now, that’s Japanese for you.

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